*ff = florian filsinger **atv = a thousand vows

in progress
a thousand vows “i rmx u part 2″
a thousand vows “happy dirge”

atv remix for campfires (coming)
atv – “urlaub in der wüste” e.p. (mareld)
atv feature on times album “newstalgia” (dirty laboratory)
v.a. “unlog complex #02″ (unlog)
v.a. “salade de concombres vol. 2″ (ctc records)
atv feature on kirrin islands album “cassette” (bloody hands)
atv remix for softclip (coming)

atv remix for good natured threat (samplefreunde)
atv remix for tekin kesen (samplefreunde)
atv remix for 5.40 a.m. & atarix (samplefreunde)
atv remix for nichtfreund (samplefreunde)
atv – “i rmx u” remix compilation (samplefreunde)
atv remix for billion one (samplefreunde)
atv remix for time feat. sole (dirty laboratory records/samplefreunde)
atv remix for mwahaha (samplefreunde)
atv remix for kirrin island (samplefreunde)
atv remix for faculties (samplefreunde)
atv remix for kirrin island (samplefreunde)

atv remix for electric ocean people (heifi rec.)
atv remix for yoursck (samplefreunde)
florian filsinger – “greatest his” re-release (samplefreunde)
v.a. 10 yeahr heifi rec (heifi rec.)

v.a. “baleares lounge 10″ (itunes/feiyr)
florian filsinger – “truly gripping” full length record (samplefreunde)
florian filsinger – “london dies first” single (samplefreunde)
v.a. “sleepless” (cd/heifi records)

ff remix for inbond (samplefreunde)
ff remix for yoursck & tekin kesen(samplefreunde)
v.a. “100% percent chill” v.a. | (cd/decadance)
florian filsinger – “greatest his” full length record (filsinger production)

v.a. “we are electroreptil” (cd/electroreptil/doozys) mixed by ff
v.a. “new electro wave” (mp3/catwalk rec.)
v.a. “underground ibiza 2008″ (cd/ministry of sound)
v.a. “calling all nations” (cd/gung-ho recordings)
florian filsinger – “make some nose” (mp3-e.p./49manekinow)

v.a. “winter compilation 2006″ (mp3/laminim)
ff remix for eskei (mp3/memoryformat)
ff remix for mitrah
ff remix for vanbasten
ff remix for tomas haas (mp3/neubau rec.)
salamandroids “der frosch mit der schildkrötenmaske” (cd/gzrk)
split 7inch with pantherklub (7inch/politicide/electroreptil)
v.a. “semper fidelis” (mp3/politicide)

re: florian filsinger vers. tarkatak (dachstuhl)
ff remix for mike mcguire (bevlar)
ff remix for yoursck (politicide)
v.a. “harald walker in the mix” (sonic walker)
ff remix for phonopilot (politicide)
florian filsinger “tagebuch” (politicide)
ff remix for autoauto (substream)
sounddesign and music for the radio play “the cold equations” (o-eins)
v.a. electronic youth 13 (foem)
v.a. “the fan fairy ring” (troorg)
music for art-project projektionsareal (
ff remix for tomas haas (electroreptil/ tisch-rec.)
ff remix for pantherclub (electroreptil/ tisch-rec.)

florian filsinger – “turtlebay” (troorg)
florian filsinger – “king of verlieren” (acedia music)
v.a. “wiederholung wiederholen (bbooks)

v.a. “pangea republic” (acedia music)
v.a. “kuehlschrank uptown” (provinznest)
florian filsinger – “ambeyond” (politicide)
florian filsinger versus tarkatak – “re:” (dachstuhl)
v.a. “oh-ha!” (salamander)
music for the movie “stau” (liedschatten)
v.a. “mixed tape 06″ (renommee)
ff remix for mindmap (afe records)

ff remix for the band plokk (
salamandroids – “record without a cause” (eurotrash)
bock andrews – “gemischte tuete ohne lakritze” (neiodhardt-prod.)
florian filsinger – “the greatest his” (politicide)
remix for wolkspurz & ramirez (afe records)
salamandroids – “schmorgurke sofortstorno” (gzrk)
intro and interlude for the band the 244gl (scorched earth policy)
v.a. “secondhandhaircut” (dhyana records)
remix for baradelan

florian filsinger – “neon genesis evolution” (superbrain)
salamandroids – “epsiode 2-eine indische hochzeit” (gzrk)
v.a. “short circuit. no bang” (dhyana records)
music for the movie “bob, james& abdul go awesome”
salamandroids – “geraeusche in altdeutscher schrift” (superbrain)

florian filsinger – “dubmoods 74″ (superbrain)
salamandroids – “die wuerd ich aber gern mal hoern” (gzrk)
v.a. “a movable feast 8″ (pauls garage)
salamandroids – “ja, wie geil” (gzrk)

florian filsinger – “none of your damn´ business” (superbrain)
salamandroids – “evil dance empire” (gzrk)
v.a. “a movable feast 6″ (pauls garage)
salamandroids – “funky solar fire” (gzrk)

florian filsinger – “beim springbrunnen an der alten eiche” (superbrain)
salamandroids – “episode 1″ (gzrk)

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